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Twitter Video Downloader is an online tool that can be used to download videos from Twitter directly to your computer. Twitter videos are usually integrated into tweets. Therefore, you need the URL of the tweet to download a twitter video online. Once you paste the link on our site, the Twitter Video Downloader tool will examine the URL posted and then automatically extract the video embedded in the tweet. Once the twitter URL has been gotten, you can proceed to download the video and save it on your computer.

How to Download Videos from Twitter?

To begin with, you would need to first log on to twitter and identify a tweet with a video you like. You can copy the URL of the video in any of the following ways.
  • Click on the tweet and then copy the URL from the browser's address bar, or
  • Click on the icon (...) and then click "Copy link to Tweet"
Twitter Video Downloader
After copying the link URL, you should proceed to paste it into the blank input box. To paste the link in the URL box, simply enter the text area, right click and hit “paste.” Once you have pasted the link, select the "download" button option.
See the tutorial: How to Save Videos from Twitter

Where are Twitter videos saved after being downloaded?

When you're downloading files, they are usually saved into whatever folder you have set as your default. Your browser normally sets this folder for you. In browser settings you can change and choose manually the destination folder for your downloded twitter videos.

Does Twitter Video Downloader store downloaded videos?

Twitter Video Downloader doesn't store videos. Neither do we keep copies of downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Twitter's servers. Also, we don't keep track of the download histories of our users, thus making using Twitter Video Downloader totally anonymous.